Lauren G.

Orientation Leader at Mount Allison University Orientation


Class of 2022

Hometown: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Major: Psychology

Minor: Biology

I chose Mount A because...

it felt like home. Of the few maritime schools that I visited, Mount A felt the most welcoming! After touring Mount A back in 2019, I could not wait to start to start my journey here as a Mount A student!

Favourite Mount A memory (so far)...

My favourite Mount A memory so far (although there are too many to pick just one!) would have to be meeting new amazing friends in my first year. I came to Mount A not really knowing anyone, and it was the first time that I came out of my shell to meet new people! My friends and I would take study breaks to go for walks, hangout in each others rooms, and go to meal hall together! No matter where we were, there would always be lots of laughs!

How have I changed since coming to Mount A...

I have changed and grown a lot since coming to Mount A. Over my past three years here, I have learned lots about myself that I did not know before! I learned that balancing my academic career with my social life is very important! With some trial and error, I also learned how much I am able take on at once, and when I am in need of a break. When it comes to learning, everyone moves at their own pace. I always heard people say "university is not a race!" and that is very true!

Advice I would give to incoming students...

Do not be afraid to give yourself a little push and put yourself out there! Meeting new people can be pretty nerve-wracking at times, but it is also so rewarding and you might end up meeting some life long friends! Do not be afraid to introduce yourself! I met my now best friends by asking them if they'd like to go to meal hall with me on my second day at Mount A!

I'm passionate about...

CATS Gym Thrift Shopping Watching music videos Listening to Music

I'm involved with...

MtA Orientation Intramural soccer
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