Ashley W.

Orientation Leader at Mount Allison University Orientation


Class of 2022

Hometown: New Brunswick, Canada

Major: English

Minor: History

My favourite thing to do in Sackville is...

...Taking a study break to go get coffee or food with my friends! Sackville has so many wonderful cafes and restaurants to offer. My personal favourite is Downtown Diner! They have the best sushi!! :)

I chose Mount A because...

...When I came for my first tour, I immediately fell in love with Mount A's beautiful campus and the tight knit town of Sackville. Coming from a small town myself, I love that no matter where you go on campus, you're guaranteed to see a familiar face! Everyone is so welcoming and you get the opportunity to meet lots of different people through classes, clubs and events. Mount A and the community of Sackville has become my second home and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Advice I would give to incoming students...

...Make time for yourself! The first few weeks can seem really intimidating and stressful, but just remember that everyone is in the same boat and it's normal to feel overwhelmed! It's important to take some time to relax and do what makes you feel comfortable. Whether its exercising, writing in a journal, watching TV or simply taking a nap, self care is always important!

How have I changed since coming to Mount A...

...Since coming to Mount A I have become much more self-confident! Opportunities such as getting involved with various clubs and societies, as well as meeting new people within my classes, are all experiences that have allowed me to feel comfortable in trying new and different things!

I'm passionate about...

Traveling Photography Movies Reading

I'm involved with...

Right to Play Shinerama Best Buddies Kids in Action Mentorship Program
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