Maggie I.

Orientation Leader at Mount Allison University Orientation


Class of 2021

Hometown: Nova Scotia, Canada

Major: Environmental Studies

Minor: French and Geography (Double Minor)

I chose Mount A because...

... I was so excited to attend a small University. Not only does MTA have the most beautiful campus but the small student population allows for a close knit community. I wanted to move away from home but I was worried I would feel lonely or anonymous at a big school. Mount Allison ended up being the perfect fit for me. I have has so many opportunities because of the smaller classes and the amount of out of classroom opportunities. One of those opportunities being an exchange program. I knew I wanted to stay in Atlantic Canada for school but spend at least one semester abroad, which I did. I am so thankful I heard about MTA at a University fair, it is truly a special place.

How have I changed since coming to Mount A...

... I have become much more comfortable taking on leadership roles since coming to Mount A. I am more confident taking charge in situations inside and outside the classroom. I speak more in class discussions, share ideas in clubs and try to create opportunities for myself. I have learned that opportunities are everywhere at MTA but they will pass by if I don't actively try to find them. Both of these changes come from gaining confidence and believing in myself.

My favourite thing to do in Sackville is...

...Take walks through Waterfowl park. The park has so many types of birds and plants and is beautiful year round. I love taking walks to clear my head or take a study break. Me and my friends have spent many evenings catching up and walking through Waterfowl. This summer I even saw baby ducks and baby geese swimming through the park. I would especially recommend watching the sunset in Waterfowl. Sackville has amazing sunsets and the park looks especially beautiful at that time of night. At least once during your time at MTA make sure you check out the trails.

Advice I would give to incoming students...

... To try and get involved. I know coming to university can be extremely daunting but you will find your place here. There are so many clubs, societies, sports teams and activities to get involved in and it is a great way to meet friends. Whether you choose to attend orientation events, participate in extracurricular activities or join a sports team you will find your place at Mount Allison. I remember being so nervous to get involved on campus and I am so thankful I did. I have met some amazing people and created such strong friendships this way!

I'm passionate about...

Environmental Sustainablity Environment Family/Friends Dancing Volunteering Traveling

I'm involved with...

Geography & Environment Society Dance Team Healthcare Outreach Eco-Action
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